Portraits of The Jersey Shore

Posted by Dana Wuss on

Dana:      "I began baking dog treats after adopting my first dog back in 1997! Like many people, I was disgusted at the ingredients in and the smell of the dog treats in the pet store.  I wanted better for my puppy! I knew I could make some dough myself as I loved to bake from scratch treats. Eventually, having three kids, I took some time of to be a mom.  Being a mom has been my most favorite experience and I have been fortuante to be able to be home with my kids.  But in October of 2013, at 37, I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and underwent many surgeries and treatments.  This was obviously a shocking, devasting and scary diagnosis.  I was lucky to find my cancer early and to have had world class care here in NJ.  We know early detection saves lives and I am an advocate for woment o get their mammograms and always practice self detection.  In 2018, I decided to go back to work and invest in myself.  I had been given a second chance to live my best life and jumped at the chance to rebrand my business."

     "Wayward Hound Bakery was born in May 2018! I chose Wayward Hound as a bakery name to reflect my love for my 4 hounds that currently reside with me! All were rescues from various states so the name seemed fitting.  Our treats are all natural!  I don't add any fillers, flavors, preservatives or colors in them.  We always bake in small batches using minimal ingredients.  I have updated some flavors and ingredients to catch up with the health trends of today.  We offer 10 varieties and several sizes now." 

    "It's a priveledge to be able to bake for such important members of people's families.   I feel very honored to be trusted with that. A lot of love goes into my treats! I feel joy when customers share with me how their dogs beg and whine and behave silly to get more of my treats!  I had amassed quite a following before Covid.  I counted on setting up shop at events to sell.  All my spring, summer and fall plans were cancelled or the climate of the event changed so things just looked different this year for me.  My business has taken a substantial hit.  Luckily,  I have the bakery set up in my basement and can work from home so we keep on baking and trying to keep it going like many small businesses today.  I am lucky to have such a loyal following of dogs!"