Unfortunately we cannot accept returns on dog treats. If for any reason your dog truly does not enjoy the treats, please go ahead and pass the love on to another friend or neighbor, rescue or police dog or any dog you meet. Take a photo with the lucky recipient with the treats and we will happily refund your purchase.


Do my treats need to be refrigerated?

Although our treats are just fine out of the refrigerator when kept in a cool place, feel free to refrigerate or freeze your treats!  There are many dogs who LOVE the treats straight from the freezer.   Your treats will stay freshest from 4 weeks after opening. 


How far in advance do I need to order my treats before they ship?

We bake fresh every week!  We usually have a good number of treats in stock and ready.  If we don’t, your order will ship out within three business days.



We ship via the USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the U.S.A.


Who can eat Wayward Hound Bakery Treats?

Wayward Hound Bakery treats are made with high quality ingredients found right in your own kitchen.  We think they taste delicious to dogs and Pot Belly Pigs (yes, we seem to sell to some at every event we attend) but to humans they will be dry & crunchy, unsweetened, and not salted.  If you want to smell them, we do believe humans will understand just how delicious they taste to your pet!



Our Treats are for ALL dogs!

For the sometimes-Good Dogs and the occasionally Misbehaved Dogs
Runners and Swimmers
Hunters and Hikers
Sporting Dogs and Working Dogs
Dogs in Strollers and Bags,
Therapy, Police and Military Dogs,
Rescued and Responsibly bred!
No Matter who you are,
You will LOVE our Treats!
‘For Dogs with Impeccable Taste’




Contact Info:
Dana Wuss