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Our freshly baked treats are made with healthy ingredients for a tasty and nutritious snack.

Our treats have healthy ingredients ! Read on for a list of what’s inside.

APPLES: They are a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fibre, and can also help to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath.

CAROB: “When it comes to making homemade dog treats, carob is a great choice! Its natural sweetness and chocolate-like flavour make it a hit with pups, and it’s a safer alternative to cocoa, which can be toxic to dogs. Carob is also a good source of fibre, antioxidants, and several essential nutrients, including calcium, iron, and vitamin B6.Carob is a superfood that helps digestion, decreases cholesterol, and may be used to treat diarrhoea. It is a source of fibre and pectin, both of which aid in the removal of toxins.

CHICKEN LIVER: The liver is an important component of a well-rounded, whole-food diet for dogs, as it is a rich source of vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids. Some of the nutrients found in the liver include Vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin K, Choline, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium,Cobalt, and Cysteine. These nutrients are important for maintaining good health in dogs. It is a flavourful and nutrient-rich choice for your furry friend. Chicken liver is high in protein, and it also contains a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and B vitamins.

COCONUT OIL: For dogs, coconut oil is like a miraculous potion! It not only has a great flavour, but it also has several health benefits. They may experience an increase in energy and vigour, a boost to their metabolism, and a general improvement in how they feel. Furthermore, don’t forget about the exterior of the animal; coconut oil may assist to hydrate and enhancing the condition of their skin and hair. Also, it could improve digestion and lessen the likelihood of allergic responses.

FLAX: Flax can be beneficial for dogs in several ways. It can help to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat, and it may also reduce inflammation in the body. Flax can also support digestive health and help your pet maintain a healthy weight. Overall, adding flax to your dog’s diet may have a range of positive effects on their health and well-being.

MINT: Peppermint can be a helpful herb for dogs in a few different ways. It may aid in soothing nausea and upset stomachs, and it can also help to freshen their breath. As a bonus, peppermint may even help to repel fleas.

NUTRITIONAL YEAST: Brewer’s yeast is like a superfood for dogs! Not only does it help to keep their skin, hair, eyes, and liver healthy, but it’s also a great source of B vitamins. And let’s not forget about those anxious pups – the B vitamins in brewer’s yeast may even help to calm their nerves. So go ahead and sprinkle some brewer’s yeast on your furry friend’s food – they’ll be feeling healthy and happy in no time!

OATMEAL AND OAT MILK: Oats are a nutritious food that can offer a range of benefits for dogs. They are high in fibre, antioxidants, and various vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and selenium. These nutrients are important for maintaining good health in dogs. Oatmeal, in particular, is a good source of Linoleic Acid, a type of Omega-6 fatty acid that is important for maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. Oats may also help to regulate blood glucose levels and can be helpful for dogs with irregular bowel movements. Overall, oats are a healthy and nutritious choice for dogs.

PARSLEY: Parsley is a superfood that is often overlooked, but it has several benefits for dogs. It is rich in folic acid and antioxidants, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to promote liver and kidney health. Parsley also has antimicrobial properties that can support good urinary health. Overall, parsley is a nutritious and versatile herb that can have a range of positive effects on your dog’s health.

PUMPKIN: Pumpkin is a yummy and nutritious treat that’s not just for humans – our four-legged friends can enjoy it too! Pumpkin is packed with fibre, which can help to keep your dog’s tummy happy and healthy. It’s also a great source of antioxidants and various vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. So go ahead and share a pumpkin treat with your beloved pet – they’ll love you for it!

SWEET POTATO: Sweet potatoes offer a wide array of health benefits for dogs. They are high in dietary fibre, which can aid in digestive health, and they are also low in fat. Additionally, sweet potatoes are a good source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and manganese, which are important nutrients for maintaining good health in dogs. All in all, sweet potatoes are a delicious and nutritious choice for your furry companion.

BROCCOLI: It’s a healthy option for your dog since it’s packed with nutrients including vitamins A, C, and K as well as fibre and potassium. Indeed, an excellent source of calcium, which is beneficial for the bones of your dog.

TOMATO: Dogs get their vitamin A by converting antioxidants like lycopene and beta-carotene. Moreover, tomatoes contain soluble fibre, which is good for the digestive tract and the heart.

CARROT: When they’re frozen, they’re a fun treat for your dog to gnaw on. Carrots are great for teething pets since they are full of vitamin A, potassium, and fibre.

CRANBERRY: Geez! What a ripe and juicy cherry! This superfood will aid in guarding your dog’s pearly whites by warding against tartar and plaque. Quercetin helps lower blood pressure and protect against food allergies and inflammation. Potassium and manganese levels are very high, as well.

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